About US

Pouyan Sanat Khosrowshah Company, located in the industrial town of Shahid Salimi, was constructed in 2014 in Azarshahr city in East Azerbaijan province and it was operated in April 2016. The company's commodity basket includes a variety of nuts, dried fruits, beans, grains and packaging of sugar. All the principles of GMP have been complied in this unit, and all processing and packaging lines are mechanized with the modern technologies with minimal manual intervention. Pouyan Sanat Khosrowshah Company is under the strict control of food and lab safety team by implementing rules related to ISO 22000, ISO 9000, HACCP at all stages and product lines. It also seeks to produce products in accordance with the national and international criteria and standards by modern Science and Technology in all parts of the processing and packaging to ensure the health of all consumers. This has caused producing qualified products with high safety, which can compete with similar foreign products in addition to ensuring consumers’ health.

Management of Pouyan Sanat Khosrowshah has announced its Quality Policy in order to increase customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of the management system quality effectiveness as follows.

These policies aim to business, health, and safety goals, and its scope includes all products such as processing and packing.

  1. Efforts to continuously improve the quality and safety system including organizational processes and products.
  2. Proper understanding of customer requirements that is consistent with legal requirements and efforts to meet these requirements attract their satisfaction.
  3. Upgrading knowledge and skills and creating motivation and productivity through training and employee participation to ensure the proper control of the process and the proper establishment of quality, safety, and health systems.
  4. Optimal use of facilities and resources and the proper implementation of all activities and applying the necessary controls to increase the quality, safety, and health to avoid repeating the mistakes.
  5. Adherence to the country’s rules and regulations and relevant national standards.
  6. Product quality assurance through considering health care and safety principles food safety management system ISO22000: 2005 in all phases of production.

This policy fits the role of the organization in the food chain and it was transferred, implemented, and established at all levels of the organization. Management and employees of the company committed themselves to understand and implement a quality management system and food safety and quality assurance at all level.